All Souls Bangor

A Meeting at the Water

January 13, 2019

John the Baptist called people to repentance and offered baptism with water.  Why would Jesus share in such a thing?  There are many reasons but among them this: That his doing so represented the whole of his ministry.  In love Jesus entered into the human experience, he meets us in the midst of our grief and shame.  He goes where the wounded can be found.  He goes where those in need of grace can be found.  His baptism symbolizes this fact.  He shares baptism with us that we might in turn receive the grace he came to offer, that we might share in his victory and resurrection.  Jesus is baptized that we might meet him in the water but this meeting cannot take place if we can't find the courage to heed John's call, a call to repentance.  We must get beyond our presumptions of innocence.  We must confess our need and enter the water.  Jesus waits for us there.