All Souls Bangor

For That is Why I Have Come

January 8, 2020

We continue reading our way through the gospel of Mark and consider the fact that Jesus not only silenced demons but asked those whom he healed to tell now one about him.  How are we to make sense of this?  As we consider this question we arrive at a realization.  Jesus did not come in history to eliminate human suffering.  His compassion move Jesus to intercede, this is the nature of God, but ultimately Jesus did not come to undo human suffering but to share in it and make of it the very instrument of our redemption.  We hold on to hope for a day to come, at the culmination of both history and God's redeeming work.  In that day all suffering will cease, but that day is yet to come. What then can reasonably expect of God here and now as we long for his new advent?  Not to heal our every ill or transform our every circumstance, but to abide with us.  To give us strength and to be for us a light even in the midst of darkness.