All Souls Bangor

Freed For

June 4, 2019

In the previous podcast we were reminded of the God's necessary and sufficient grace and the righteousness that comes to us by faith.  This week we continue with this idea asking, what now?  We have been gifted a righteousness we do not have to earn; in this we are set free.  What shall we do with this freedom?  Paul ask that question this way, "Shall we go on sinning that grace might abound?"  His answer, "By no means!"  The freedom we find in the gospel is not a freedom from but a freedom for.  We are set free from a great burden but we are not set free from a great responsibility.  No, we are called to repentance, we are called to turn toward a new way of living and to do more and more with each new day.  P.S. Our sound is a bit better this week but we will continue to make some adjustments to improve the quality of this podcast.  Thanks for your patience.