All Souls Bangor

Sitting with Jesus

April 15, 2019

Today we consider the events of Holy week.  In particular we examine briefly the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem and we consider Jesus' cleaning of the temple.  We also look ahead to the later days of Holy Week and Jesus time in the garden of Gethsemane.  There Jesus makes a request of his disciples that they stay awake with him while he wrestles with all that is about to unfold.  They are not up to the task.  Instead they fall asleep.  While we cannot go back in time to Gethsemane and sit with Jesus in a literal sense the world is full of suffering people who long for someone to sit by their side.  While Jesus' suffering is in one sense long over, we also know that Jesus shares in the suffering of all people.  For this reason and for reasons made abundantly clear in our last podcast (whatever we do to the least we do unto Christ), to sit with these is to sit with Jesus.  To sit with those who suffer, to be there for them, is to sit with the Christ who suffered for us all.

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