All Souls Bangor

With Fear and Joy

April 23, 2019

Those first to the empty tomb were thrust into a strange place, a place of both fear and joy.  Yet even while both persisted, they invested their lives in the message.  They acted in faith.  It was in the course of this faith-filled action that the living Christ appears, that faith is confirmed and tension relieved.  Even today, faith is often born in a place of tension, a place where doubts and questions persist.  As we act on that faith, we discern God's presence and tension is relieved.  This is not a one time linear event.  But a cycle that repeats itself over and over again, leading us each time deeper and deeper into faith, action, and affirmation.  None of this can happen, however, if we are not willing to sit in those places of tension and wrestle with the message of God at work in the world.  This message challenges hearers not to circumvent that place of tension, but to ask tough questions of their assumptions and confront the repercussions of their ideas.